Legacy & Prototypes

Legacy & Prototypes

SHOW STACKERS™ were originally the brain child of Maurie & Lorraine Chippindale, renown breeders of Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia.

In the late 1990’s Maurie starting making prototypes of the SHOW STACKERS™. Within a couple of years, and five design iterations, Maurie and Lorraine had settled on the design most people today recognize as the classic Purple ShowStacker.

ShowStackers Show Stacker Happy Legs

With the first design Maurie made, Lorraine trained a litter of five Löwchen baby puppies who went on to become multi BABY PUPPY IN SHOW winners. That was just the beginning!

They didn’t release the SHOW STACKERS™ for sale until they felt that the design was perfected.

ShowStackers Show Stacker

In 2010, largely due to Maurie’s failing health, Maurie & Lorraine sold Showstackers to Janey & Rod Pagels. Janey & Rod persisted with Maurie’s latest design until 2017, when due to other business interests, Showstackers was put on hiatus.
Mid 2019, after the first redesign in 20 years, SHOW STACKERS™ were relaunched.

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