If you’re on this page, it’s likely you’ve just purchased a new set of ShowStackers™, the world’s most loved show dog stack training aid. Below are a few basics you’ll find handy to know before you start. Before handling your ShowStackers™, please read the safety guide linked to at the bottom of this page. This guide shows you how to handle your ShowStackers™ and avoid any finger pinching.

You’ll soon see just how easy ShowStackers™ are to assemble, and will be training the next Best In Show winner in next no time.

Good to know

Small ShowStackers™ aren’t just smaller than their large and giant counterparts. They are assembled slightly differently. Small ShowStackers™ have their pedestals mounted on the inside of the base frame tube arms, while large and giant are mounted  on the outside.


The small configuration allows the pedestals to come closer together, allowing for training of the miniature / toy puppies.

Small Showstacker

Large & Giant Showstacker